We’re no different, you and I. We are offspring of Adam and Eve, we seem. Run in our blood the distinct characteristics of Y generation; a generation without major international war, with plenty of time to relax, with much anxiety and insecurity clouding our days. We are the people of average. Yes, we are.

Oftentimes we started our conversation by asking,

Honey, where are you? Have you eat?”.

We made it our routines. We draw a pattern from it as far as such questions define ourselves. These questions define our relationship. A day without being asked or asking this dull question will disrupt our discourse; as if you’re not you and I’m not me; as if we are not amalgamated enough.

There were days when we modify the question; when we tried to improvise our mood, our relationship.

Nicholas Saputra or Rio Dewanto? Raissa or Marsha Timothy? Don’t you think it’s unfair to judge somebody based on their sexual preference? Is God really exists?

At first, we asked such questions out of curiosity: that we want to know each other’s preferences, each other’s point of view, and each other’s way of thinking. We got creative in order to satisfy our needs in familiarizing oneself to the other. We asked, we answered, we contented.

But trust me, sooner or later we will face a period of stagnancy. The time when we are so busy with our lives, when we couldn’t make it to dinner, when we couldn’t come up with a better idea of what to ask. It is when I’m in Indonesia, (hopefully) occupied with my career, while you’re also pursuing your dream to become one of the prominent actors in Indonesian business.

Therefore, I gave you that present.

To help us get a hold of ourselves. To remind us that it is important to stay curious and be creative. That it is important to remember that our relationship was built on a basis of discussion. That it is important to ask,

When you are on a road trip, which one do you prefer, living in a bad hostel that provides great meal or to stay in a highly recommended hostel that serves disgusting food?

Happy birthday, my best friend. I love you.



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