I’m lucky enough to have two dads in this world. One who is related with me biologically, and one who is associated emotionally. Both are great men, as I believe they serve their country and career very well.

The one that biologically connected with me is a lawyer. He is indeed an impeccable lawyer. Fear by his opponents, respected by his colleagues, and viewed as a role model by his subordinants. Even though I rarely see him, he manifested some principle traits within myself. He taught me not to fear the world, as the world is constructed to be mean. He told me not to ask for an easy life, instead pray for a stronger self. He shows me on how lips is a deadly weapon for human being if it’s followed by an exceptional brain. Oftentimes I see him appears on television and debating with his counterparts. I see how he uses his eyes, his hands, and his overall gesture to convince his opponents that their perspectives were wrong. Never did I felt that he’s afraid of his opponent since the main value he believes is that eventually human being will believe what they want to believe and harmonize their actions with their beliefs.

Exactly what I feel toward my biological father

My other dad, the one that have the stronger emotional bond with me, is a police officer. He is a decent man after all. He taught me on how to be a good man. It started from your own self: how we manage to put greater interests beyond ours. He always gave his everything to our family; a man who is suffering if somebody else is pouring their money for him. Never did I saw my father ask his wife for a gift. He taught me to be humble, he showed me that silence is indeed gold, and he taught me that it’s okay to be blunt to the one you love. He never told me about what happened in his work. He kept the secret very well if it’s regarding his job as a state apparatus. But somehow, I believe in him as much as I believe in myself. Therefore, I never ask about how the office politics or the political corruption that embedded within his (beloved) institutions.

But I’m fortunate though to have these two amazing figures. Their idea is certainly contradicts each other. But I know that it could be beneficial for me, my family, and other people (hopefully). Thanks, Dads.


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