No Man’s Land

“Thank you for your attention. I do hope that both parties could work something out and make something happen.”

It was a closing statement that has been repeated for at least fourteen times in the past two weeks. Tirelessly, I bounced from one company to another, from one institution to another. I was representing the Indonesian Students Association in the United Kingdom (PPI UK) to find a potential sponsor that wanted to fund our programs, especially Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC) 2015, PALAPA Project 2015, and Volunteering for Indonesia (VFI) 2015 – three of the grandest program in our tenure.

I will not lie to you and act as if everything is all right, because in fact it’s not. Almost every single day since my homecoming to Indonesia I have a sleep deprivation. Not that I am intending to brag about how much I worked back and forth for PPI UK, but instead I just want to show how much I care about this organization. Every night I prepared a presentation material, keep in touch with the rest of the team in the UK, or just simply fell in silence and think about what I should and should not do. I did all these things just to keep my mind of negativity and doubt; I did those things to dodge off fear and anxiety.

So far I have been to many companies. I am currently in the follow-up stage as the proposals of the events had already been accepted by those institutions and still under consideration. I also encourage PPI UK’s staff to distribute the proposals to any network that they might have as it will be helpful to look for alternative supports.

Written on May 26, 2015.


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